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Skydiving Over New Orleans

If you are searching for tandem sky diving in New Orleans or skydiving training in Louisiana, Skydiving Over New Orleans guarantees that you will have the adventure of a lifetime! Nobody affords more skydiving options near New Orleans, Louisiana!

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Tandem Skydiving New Orleans

Your First Sky Diving Adventure

Tandem Sky Diving in New Orleans is the ultimate way to experience the fun and elation of freefall skydiving in Louisiana. As a tandem skydiving student you will sit through a short rundown of some primary body positions important for the sky dive. Then it's time to board the airplane for the ride up to 2.5 miles for an adventure that is unforgettable!

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New Orleans Skydiving School

New Orleans Skydiving School

New Orleans Skydiving School vendors provide two method of starting on your way to solo sky diving, Accelerated Freefall (AFF) and Tandem Progression, ensuring that you signed up for the curriculum that is right for you. Whether you want to learn to sky dive solo or would like to start a career in skydiving, New Orleans Skydiving School can help!

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New Orleans Skydiving Gift Certificates


Christmas Gift Certificates

The ultimate Christmas Gift for thrill-seekers! Skydiving Over New Orleans Gift Vouchers can be ordered as a tandem skydiving experience, an advanced course or one of the great New Orleans Skydiving packages that we offer. Christmas Gift Vouchers are good for 2 years from the date of purchase and are on sale now at the best prices of the year! Call for discounts!

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Skydiving Video Packages New Orleans

Skydiving Videos New Orleans

Skydiving Over New Orleans skydiving dropzones have some of the most experienced aerial videographers in Louisiana to capture every moment of the experience of your life! Some dropzones also utilize another product, known as "handycam" or "GoPro", (a video camera mounted on your Tandem Master's wrist) for a lower cost, up-close video.

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Come and join Skydiving Over New Orleans for the most thrilling experience in Louisiana - a high-flying, action-packed tandem skydiving adventure in New Orleans! Skydiving is a rare experience for many people. Skydiving Over New Orleans dropzones utilize airplanes and facilities that are designed to handle parties of any size - whether you are an individual or in a party of a hundred, we will ensure that your skydive adventure is as momentous as possible. Observers are of course invited to come along and share in the action! Call 504-407-2296 and ask one of our New Orleans Sky Diving Experts for details and prices on our most popular sky diving offerings!

The city of New Orleans is most notably known for it's yearly celebration of Mardi Gras, but is also a major port in the United States. Home to about 342,000 residents, New Orleans is also well know for it's unique cuisine and being the birthplace of jazz. Often referred to as the most unique city in the United States, New Orleans lies directly on Lake Borgne, which connects to the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the Mississippi River. New Orleans has some of the most unique views for skydiving in the entire United States!

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